Frequently Asked Questions

Our Masala’s and snacks are free of preservatives. Depending upon the nature of product, according to Industry standards, pickles may contain permissible preservatives within the allowable limits.

Yes. Beevi’s products are free of artificial colours and MSG. The disclaimer is mentioned in the respective product packages.

It is best to store your spices in dry, air-tight containers. Glass jars with fitting lids are ideal for cabinets and drawers.

The ideal way to store whole & ground spices for longer shelf life is to keep them away from heat, moisture & direct sunlight.

Beevi’s masalas are a blend of unique Malabar spices in ideal proportions. You’ll taste it in exact spiciness and flavor, no more and no less.

Beevi’s Instant masala range contains required salt as per the quantity. It’s your choice to add more salt as per your taste preference.

Thalassery Dum Biryani is best prepared with Jeerakasala kaima rice.