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Cooking is a joy that is just as exhilarating as enjoying good food.

Beevi’s is not a yet another masala. It’s a processed and packaged life hack. Precious little packs of freedom which burst with flavour.

Beevi’s is not just a spice mix or a masala. Beevi’s is a thought—the thought that cooking should not be a boring chore for anyone. It is a beautiful combination of art and science where flavours, textures and aromas come together to create absolute magic. In a market that is inundated with several spice mixes, Beevi’s stands out by providing ingeniously simple ways to cook, save time and enjoy life. Because, after all, who wants to spend time slogging and sweating it out in the kitchen when your friends and family are chatting in the living room? And despite your best efforts, do you get the desired results consistently? More often than not, no. This is where Beevi’s steps in, by giving you complete cooking solutions.

Beevi's Triple Lock

Triple Lock Technology

Here is a word of assurance for those among you who are health-conscious or are just plain cynical: we do not add any harmful additives or preservatives to make our masalas tasty or to make them last long. Of course, there are no secret here. The magic lies in our superior quality ingredients, our masterstroke of a blending technique, and in our packaging. Our superior packaging material helps retain and lock in flavours for lengthy periods of time. But if you ask us, the true magic lies in our commitment to taste as well as health, for we want the best for everyone, including our own families. And with the right kind of materials and processing, you get the best out of each packet.

Incomparable ingredients

Beevi’s uses only locally available ingredients of the highest quality, sourced from good farms. Each spice is from regions known for them.

Excellent processing technique

Beevi’s uses advanced machinery to process the spices once they are cleaned, sorted and dried. The technology uses minimal heat so as to lock in maximum flavours.

Free of preservatives and additives

All Beevi’s products are completely free of preservatives, artificial additives and colourings. Moreover, the complete range is free from GMOs (genetically modified ingredients).

Easiest Three step cooking

Beevi’s masalas is a complete cooking solutions which come with simple, two or three-step instructions. Now everyone is a master chef!